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-on the River Thames (tidal and non-tidal) and Wey Navigation

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Journey Planner

River Weather

Advice and Guidance


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Covers all leisure activities

Walk the Thames path

Find fishing locations

Check camping sites

Find moorings and marinas

Plan your river journey

Find riverside pubs

Lots of detail to help you enjoy the river

Not sure how long a trip will take?.

Choose your starting and ending locations

For the River Thames there are over 100 locations and more than 40 for the Wey Navigation (including locks, marinas, pubs, and more).

Sailing distance and locks to transit

The app will tell you how many locks on your journey and the sailing time at 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 MPH.

The safety of your passengers, crew and boat is of the utmost importance.

Preparing to sail

All the things you need to know and check and how to make sure it is safe to sail.

In case of an incident

The app will guide you to the nearest Emergency Rendezvous Point.

Just as there are 'Rules of the Road' so there are 'Rules of the River'.

Sound Signals

Indicate your intensions (such as coming about or passing another craft with the correct sound signal.

Correct Navigation

Ensure your journey is safe by following the rules for passing other craft and negotiating marked hazards.

The app supports more than boating activities


You can overlay the route of the Thames Path on the interactive map.


As well as using the Journey Planner, you can view Portage maps for those locks so equipped.


Overlay camp sites on the interactive map; click a tent for facilities and contact details.


Add designated fishing locations as an overlay on the interactive map.

Paddle Boarding

The Journey Planner includes timing at one mph (typical boarding speed).


Many of the camp sites shown on the map also provide facilities for caravans.


The complete guide to leisure activities on the Thames and Wey

Interactive Map

Overlay a map of the river with any combination of locks, moorings, marinas, bridges, sanitation, fishing, camping, fuel, pubs, Thames path, Emergency RV points.

Journey Planner

Choose from 100+ locations (for Thames; 40+ on Wey) and find the sailing distance, sailing time (at 5, 4, 3, 2 , 1 mph) and number of locks to transit.

Current Conditions

Link to EA site for current conditions on non-tidal Thames; better still, install the Non-Tidal Thames Shortcut (includes option to see map overlayed with live conditions).

River Weather

See the current and short term forecast for selected locations on the River Thames.


Check the clearance (expected gap between water and underside of bridge) for any of the bridges; find the expected water depth for any section.

Advice and Guidance

Read the official guidance for safe boating; check the safety steps prior to sailing; read what to do in an emergency; check nautical terms in the Glossary.


Frequently Asked Questions

The app is free to download and free to use.

There are no ads in the app.

Safety information used in the app was supplied by the RNLI and the PLA.

River Thames Guide is the work of a sailing enthusiast!.


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What users say about the app

My customers and all my colleagues involved in the leisure boating scene on the Thames and Wey have found the River Thames Guide App really useful as a practical river guide, a trade directory and the map helpful in locating the best boating facilities on the River Thames and connecting waterways..

Mike Cook

Thames Boat House Ltd

The River Thames Guide App is the best way to plan your boating journey afloat or your towpath ramble ashore.


British Marine London and Thames Valley

It is really so useful to determine the sailing distance and number of locks for planned journeys.


Thames motor yacht owner

We find the information invaluable when sailing as so much of the river has poor phone coverage (so no Internet); the breadth of detail is a tribute to the app's author.

Matt and Joan

Weekend sailors (upper reaches)

Ready access to details of portage is really helpful when canoeing on the Thames as is the listing of slipways from where we can launch.

Peter W.

Canoeist and sometime fisherman


The Conditions Shortcut

More info and download

Select the river section

Choose the river section containing the stretch you are interested in.

Select the stretch

Tap the stretch for which you want the current conditions to be displayed.

Set as default

Tap 'Yes' if you want this stretch to be the default when the Shortcut is opened.

Live Conditions display

The current conditions for the selected stretch are displayed.


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