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How to install the iOS Shortcuts App; how to add one or more shortcuts to your Home Screen or Today View; how to use the shortcuts you have added

How to install 'shortcuts' app
Adding river stretches of interest
Using installed shortcuts

Installing 'Shortcuts' app

In order to use iOS shortcuts, you need to have the Apple 'Shortcuts' app installed. This is a free download but is not installed by default.

If not prompted to install 'Shortcuts' simply click here to go to the App Store - you need to follow this link on an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod)

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Installing and modifying Shortcut(s)

Lower down this page (below the heading 'THE SHORTCUTS') are three lists of iOS shortcuts, open the list contianing the stretch of interest and you will see one shortcut for each adjacent pair of locks.

To install just tap on the link for the required river stretch(es) - you must do this from your iOS device (iPhone, iPad, iPod)

Modifying an installed Shortcut.

Tapping to open a Shortcut exposes the 'programming' that makes it work; as the next paragraph shows, you can easily change the logic to report on the stretches either side of your chosen one. Tapping opens the Shortcut Settings from where you can change the name, icon, or colour and add a Siri launch command.

By default, each shortcut gives the current condition between the two locks (eg: between Marsh and Hambleden). If you would like the conditions before and after the stretch (eg: Shiplake to Marsh, Marsh to Hambleden and Hambleden to Hurley) you need to edit the shortcut in the Shortcuts app; tap then tap and hold 'All the following...' and select 'Any of the following...', click Done.

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Using installed Shortcut(s)

Adding a shortcut to Home screen.

In the Shortcuts app Library tap , tap on a shortcut to open it, then tap to open Settings; tap 'Add to Home screen'; a Safari page will open - just follow the instructions. An icon as shown above will now be on your Home Screen.

As with other iOS apps, you can group shortcuts into folders and/or move them to other screens.

Adding a shortcut to Today view.

On your iOS device, swipe right from the left edge of the Home screen or the Lock screen to open Today View; scroll to the bottom of the list of widgets, then tap Edit; in the Add Widgets screen, tap to the left of Shortcuts; tap 'Done'; you will see a widget similar to this:

To run a shortcut from Today view: swipe right from the left edge of the Home screen or the Lock screen; in the Shortcuts widget, tap a shortcut button.

Ask Siri to run a conditions shortcut.

In the Shortcuts app Library , tap on a shortcut to open it, then tap to open Settings; tap 'Add to Siri'; tap and record the phrase you want to use to activate this shortcut; tap 'Done'

Running a conditions shortcut.

You can tap the shortcut that you installed on your Home Screen or in Today view, or, if you have set up a Siri phrase just say 'Hey Siri, launch phrase''. If you are not connected to the Internet or the EA feed is down, nothing will happen.

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